Monday, February 06, 2006

I got started blogging

While drinking Grey Goose vodka and feeling vaguely creative after an interlude of non-creative ennui I decided to start a blog, Everyone else has one these days so why not this little buttercup? Well one good reason is that I seldom finish what I start, so pointless to make the effort. On the other hand, if I wish to be a Nietzschian superhero, I gotta start somewhere.

So OK today will be different and off I go.


To communicate with long-lost friends and those not lost but not near. A systematic way to maintain a dialogue.

To post my views on economics and the economy of Australia.

To post on any damn thing I like. The nice bit.

To see where this drama leads.

To be lecherous, perverse and (potentially) to learn some new life recipes.

To link with other blogs.

.... modest objectives are they not, so here we go Zarathusthra. I am off and running.


hc said...

A masturbatory attempt to reinforce my sense of self by posting a response to my own inane attempt to initiate a blog.

Can I call Rene' in Malaysia and get him to contribute something real?

If Rene agrees can I ask Gary Becker or Sheik Oh-Sah-Ma-Your-Bin-Is-Laden?

Am I disgusting or just ambitious?

Lee said...

Congratulations on getting your much-desired blog site up and running Harry. Long may you blog!