Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mid week responses

This blog has now been running for 18 days. I have been having a fairly relaxed time work-wise but teaching starts next week. Posts will tail off then or perhaps be more directly work-related.

I would like to learn more about forming links and feeds. So far I have read a little on the web but would like to find more systematic ways of capturing topics that interest me and getting my views to others.

I had an issue with tastes. A couple of things I wanted to post I thought might be overly offensive to some. For example, what is the optimal degree of raunchiness in an academic's blog? Most seem to be utterly puritanical though flame wars do arouse passions.

Anyway your views on these or any other issues very welcome.


EcoStudent said...

A few responses:

Feeds - I already get your feed through bloglines (, who let you subscribe to multiple blogs and read new posts as they are posted.

Raunchiness - I am sure latrobe has a Sexual Harassment policy, a gender equality policy, whatever they call it. If you would not be comfortable putting it up on lecture slide, I wouldn't want to associate yourself with it publicly - it could cause problems. The picture of the girl and the beer keg was probably way too far over the line.

Stephen said...

Harry, I suggest you let Bill Parke know about your blog. He runs the Economics Roundtable, which is an aggregator devoted to economics blogs:


lesleym said...

On raunchiness or otherwise:
You're not lecturing now, and consequently are under no obligation to periodically wake up those in the back seats (we can go and get our own coffee anytime, thanks.)
If your ideas need tarting up, they're prolly not worth the effort involved (and I, for one, wouldn't bother to come back to find out.)

Anonymous said...

If you feel the need to "ask permission" to say anything then I would go back to golf - or something else. The point of this media is to say what you like and think. If that offends - so be it - the Murdochs and Packers do it all the time - why are you any different?

hc said...

Four good comments.

Ecostudent, I'll try bloglines. What i wanted was a filter that would separate out the disparate things I am interested in and serve them up to me each morning with my Weetbix. What was posted somewhere overnight about road pring, growing tomatoes or whatever. I just wanted to check though a list. Possible?

You right I have to be careful of the admin Nazis though this is purely private. I enjoy cultivated/crude humour e.g. I like Chaucer - the Millers' Tale is a joy. But others don't.

Stephen thanks, I had problems reading their email address and a bit worried that my blog which is not purely economics might not be what they want. Appreciated.

Lesley it was so nice the way you started off - I thought you were going to continue 'You are not working now - go for it'. But instead you continued by suggesting my intended aesthetics amounted to 'tarting up'. Do you favour functional modern architecture that has no aesthetics? I really hate it and do appreciate a beautiful nude.

Thanks Anon I thought the same when I posted the beer lady. But I withdrew it because I don't want to offend people. The objective is to communicate so the feelings of the other party (see Lesley's remarks) matter. People have different views.

Thanks to you all.

Sam Ward said...

Harry, if you want to offend people you can always just link to my blog more often.

hc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hc said...

Sam, I never seek to offend anyone. And I don't find your blog offensive at all. On the specific recent post, I'd call it down-to-earth humour with photos of a good-looking girl. I have always appreciated such humour and Aussi directness.

I also think that, in the main, your blog is devoted to discussing interesting issues of the day - again in a fairly direct way - but with a lot of sense.

Readers can judge for themselves, click on Sam's name and go there.

Stephen said...

Harry, Bill can filter out the non-economic content at his end, so it doesn't matter if you stray into other topics.

P.A. Coplay said...

A general suggestion - I appreciate that bloggers do not have time to answer every comment, but every response from a blogger to a serious comment is always most appreciated. Maybe posts, followed by serious comments, could be in a sense "concluded" with a final response.

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