Monday, February 06, 2006

In and out: Still experimenting.....

This blogging business seems easy. I didn't manage to copy my photo (the transfer software didn't work) a fact that no-one (but me) will particularly regret...... and other issues occur. I am exploring other blogging options such as the Wordpress software.

Questions arise. For example:

Can I invite guest bloggers at sites near and far? Giving temporary passwords?
How can I get my cobbers to use this thing? Should I care?

I will try with old pals like Rene' (who lives in KL and who I communicate with weekly) and see if I can interest him in this experiment? Although could also just try verifying the posting procedures from my office. If from there then anywhere.....

Then broaden the circle? Malaysia, Thailand .... soon the world!

The big move to Nietschian SuperStardom is your dreams.


hc said...

I am waiting Rene' help me here and post a comment!

Yes you have to register a username and password with blogger but no big deal in that.

No getting uppity and establishing your own blog at vthis stage. OK.

hc said...

Still waiting. Are you sitting on your back (about to be flooded) porch drinking Grey Goose and telling your guests that the ghastly dog never licks you only them? Implying by the way that your guests are covered in edible filth.

I intend to get a decent blogsite up and running. This the first attempt. Now midnight (clock on postings wrong too) and boring meeting tomorrow at 9-00 AM so better sleep. Will check in the morning.