Friday, October 05, 2007

Gnomes at LP

One of the Larvatus Prodeo lefties, Phil Gnomes, makes illogical remarks about the consequences of ratbags supporting a particular viewpoint. If ratbags support a viewpoint he claims, it ‘speaks’. So, taking the example Gnomes takes, Pauline Hanson supports Kevin Andrews on the African migrant question so it ‘speaks’ – since Pauline Hanson is beyond the pale so too must Kevin Andrews’ policy. It is kind of like if X attracts flies, then clearly X = a manure pile.

But as I pointed out in a reply to Phil’s supremely stupid post (that was ‘gnomishly’ censored) it does not ‘speak’ at all. That Adolf Hitler liked the music of Richard Wagner does not mean that that Wagner was not a great musician. Indeed, even though Wagner was a disgusting anti-Semite who cuckolded the wives of his buddies and had foolish ideas on just about everything other than music, this carries no implications regarding the quality of his grand music – romantic, erotic, militaristic, nationalist – the whole scrambled bundle. I’ve got to say that Wagner moves me almost like no other.

I take up my time re-recording these observations here since Gnomes censored them at LP.

This is not much of a post, I agree, but neither is that provided by Gnomes. It is Friday night and if the best I can do is to correct some gnomish reasoning by a gnomish leftie then, yeah, that is Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Enemy Combatant sez...

Harry, it's not a good look when you can't spell Pauline's surname correctly even though your point is a valid one.

hc said...

Apologies EC I changed the e to an o and hope I've now got it right.

Anonymous said...

EC sez..

Right you are, H, carry on.

Ilovestats said...

Wrong again, Harry. Think of Andrew's activities as a noisy signal of his true type. We know Hanson is a racist. Anderson emits a signal swiftly endorsed by said racist. Using Baye's rule, the posterior probability Anderson is racist rises. Do the math. The same is true, unfortunately, for Wagner; but less so these days.

hc said...

Your maths is up the spout ilovestats. Andrews can be rejecting African migrants on the grounds of their high settlement costs while a racist might reject them purely on the basis of their skin colour.

Wagner almost certainly was a viscious anti-Semite as my post pointed out. He was also a great composer. The world isn't simple.

lesleym said...

Harry, it also not a good look if you can't copy the name of the original poster. It ill becomes your academic claims.
Has anyone bothered to compare the costs of settling African migrants in different parts of this country? Certainly Andrews gives no indication that he has.

hc said...

Lesleym, I don't make academic claims on this blog. This are my private viewpoints. I certainly don't like being censored when I make a reasonable comment.

I don't know whether data has been got on African migrants across the country. There is some for Victoria and a fair bit of anecdotal evidence. This posting was not really concerned with this issue.

Anonymous said...


Wahy do you bother posting there. They brush everything out they don't like. Everything has negative associations to lefties. Get over it.

ilovestats said...

Harry, sorry to say it but you obviously do not understand Statistics. You are not responding to the argument. Andrews could be lying about costs and be a racist. We simply do not know, but the signal causes us to update the prior.

Here's a suggestion: Dust off your 1950s stats book and look up Baye's rule. Draw a Venn diagram if it helps, but please stop embarrasing yourself and the economics profession with simple errors such as this!!

hc said...

You are right ilovestats, You don't know if Andrews is lying and Bayesian gobbledegook won't help you determine if he is. There is no case for updating beliefs because another person with racist views is attracted to his claims.

I let the comment pass ilovestats but the tone of your remarks are offensive. In both paragraphs you find it necessary to suggest I am a fool.

Deal with the issues and try not to engage in personal attacks. I am interested in your argument but don't like the intended abuse.

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