Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot strippers earn big bucks

I found this fascinating. Geoffrey Miller’s theory is that women have lost their oestrus – any outward sign of fertility – to keep men faithful. Otherwise a man might go hunting for another mate when he knew his mate was infertile. But this should create an evolutionary arms race among men as men evolve ever-heightened sensitivity to signs of female fertility.

Miller tested his theory in lap-dancing clubs by examining the number of dollars female performers received for their dancing. During menstruation – when women were infertile – women earned about $185 per shift – about what they earned if they were on the pill. Women who were ovulating earned $335.

This suggests a woman is sexier when she is fertile and that lap dancers should stay off the pill if their main objective is to maximise their income. Earlier studies have shown that a woman’s face, smell and even clothing become more attractive during oestrus. Clothing looks more attractive to men when women are fertile.

But I still don’t know if women advertise their sexuality better when they are fertile or men have enhanced powers to pick up their fertility status.


conrad said...

You didn't read the news last week? You may have noticed that women in NZ now report more parters than men (presumably because there are more women than men in lower age groups). This suggests that you may as well give up on all the evolutionary psychology about males and females that you see written to explain all behavior. Its basically rubbish, or the effect is very weak.

hc said...

Conrad, I assume you mean this story was in the press last week - if so yes I missed it.

I thought this story at least came up with evidence that was interesting if not completely conclusive.

derrida derider said...

conrad, that study was done by a condom manufacturer. The selection method of respondents was anything but random - I wouldn't have faith in any result from it. Plus of course the average (not median) number of heterosexual partners for men and women must be identical if the numbers of men and women are identical - do the maths. There's a lively discussion of that here

But gee, it's long been believed that men are more receptive to fertile women and also beleived that women's libido is stronger at oestrus - I don't know that this study has added greatly to our knowledge.

conrad said...


I've done the maths. The previous explanation was that sex partners follow an exponential distribution which differs between males and females. The difference was accounted for because a small number of prostitutes who greatly changed the means didn't enter the figures (many more men see prostitutes than there are prostitutes). I presume the new data means that kiwi females are rooting a lot of people overseas, which coinsides with my anecdotal observations.

In addition, speaking of bad statistics, all of this stuff about cycles etc. is sure to be contaminated with the problems of whats interesting. I'm sure there's a thousand null effects sitting around that don't become public interest.

hc said...

DD, I disagree with your 'But gee' remark. Miller claims that human females do not display oestrus because they seek to keep men loyal. Hre further claims that men are engaged in a detection race that involves increased ability to discern fertility.

The evidence he finds is consistent with the latter finding.

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