Monday, October 22, 2007

Secret snaps from the Party Congress

Inscrutable lot.


shlomo said...

Jesus Christ, Harry! Muslims in burkas at the sea; snigger, snigger! Andrews: Somalis shouldn't be allowed to emigrate; Harry: yeah yeah!

Now the "inscrutable asians"

Quite a few of your posts suggest at least that you embrace stereotypes, or at worst have an underlying mistrust and suspicion of NWASs. Or is there some method to your madness??

Please explain.

hc said...

You have a chip on your shoulder Schlomo. The claim that the Great Leader of the People was 'inscrutable' was clearly ironic - his thoughts on this occasion were only too human and only too scrutable.

shlomo said...

please self reflect!

hc said...

I am getting a bit bored with you Schlomo. I think it is you who should self-reflect on your disturbed, negative mind.

My previous comment stands.

shlomo said...

You seem like a thoughtful intelligent person, but I think you have some deep seated prejudices that emerge every now and then in your blogs. I would not go so far as to use the label racist, but I think that if you could truly self-reflect you would feel some shame at the obvious racial stereotyping that comes through. Coming from where I do, I am well aware how damaging stereotypes can be. The Jewish community in Australia faces these things every day.