Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pluralist Economics Review

November 2007 issue. This is probably the most interesting collection of economics papers I have seen in years. Absolutely fantastic - the first Akerloff paper alone a classic but there are many, many gems here. You can subscribe free to this new review - go here.


The Missing Motivation in Macroeconomics, George A. Akerlof
Model Building versus Theorizing: The Paucity of Theory in the Journal of Economic Theory, Daniel B. Klein and Pedro P. Romero
Uncovering the American Dream: Inequality and Mobility in Social Security Earnings Data since 1937, Wojciech Kopczuk, Emmanuel Saez and Jae Song
The American Family and Family Economics, Shelly Lundberg and Robert A. Pollak
Growing Inequality in the Neo-liberal Heartland, George Irvin
The Macroeconomist as Scientist and Engineer, N. Gregory Mankiw
The U.S. Economy: What’s Next?, Wynne Godley, Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, and Gennaro Zezza How Well Off Are America’s Elderly? A New Perspective, Edward N. Wolff and Ajit Zacharias
The Causes and Consequences of Wal-Mart’s Growth, Emek Basker
Hedge Funds: Past, Present and Future, René M. Stulz
Introducing Incentives in the Market for Live and Cadaveric Organ Donations, Gary S. Becker and Julio Jorge Elíasb
Learning From Schelling's 'Strategy Of Conflict’, Roger B. Myerson
On the Fundamental Theorems of General Equilibrium, Eric S. Maskin and Kevin W. S. Roberts

Shorter Articles

Science, ideology and development: Is there a ‘Sustainability Economics’?, Peter Söderbaum
Ten Principles of Feminist Economics: A Modestly Proposed Antidote, Geoff Schneider and Jean Shackelford
An orientation for a green economics?, Tony Lawson
What Industries Does Multiple-Equilibrium Trade Theory Recommend?, Ian Fletcher

Articles You May Have Missed

Let There Be Markets: The evangelical roots of economics , Gordon Bigelow
Small is dangerous? Schumacher, science, and social development, Cowan Coventry
The Social Science Citation Index: A Black Box—with an Ideological Bias?, Daniel B. Klein with Eric Chiang
What Has Happened to the Theory of Games?, Leonid Hurwicz

The Economy

The U.S. Economy: What’s Next?, Wynne Godley, Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, and Gennaro Zezza
Will There Be a Dollar Crisis?, Paul Krugman
The Bubble Economy, Rober Kuttner
The financial crisis: burst bubble, frayed model, Robert Wade

Economics in the News

The New Bipartisan Capitalism, Daniel Morris, The Nation
Hip Heterodoxy:, Thomas Palley, Julie Nelson, James Galbraith, Brad DeLong and others, TPM Café Debate
In Economics Departments, a Growing Will to Debate Fundamental Assumptions, Patricia Cohen, NYT
Who You Calling Heterodox?, Andy Guess, Inside Higher Ed
Solidarity No More?, Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed
American trio wins 2007 Nobel for economics, Reuters
Excerpts from the citation of the 2007 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, Herald Tribune


One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax, N. Gregory Mankiw
Prizes, not patents, Joseph E. Stiglitz
How to pay for a free press, André Schiffrin
Growth isn’t working, D. Woodward and A. Simms
Why Not Shift the Burden to Big Spenders?, by Robert Frank
Should We Aspire to a High Score for ‘Economic Freedom’? Margaret Legum
The Entertainment Industry Police Crackdown, Dean Baker


Creative Destruction vs. the New Industrial State, Deirdre McCloskey
Is Economics Really All It Claims To Be?, CFED
Reintroducing Macroeconomics: A Critical Approach, reviewed by Ryan A Dodd


Galbraith’s lessons in death, Evan Jones
Milton Friedman, Financial Times
Milton Friedman, Workers Online

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