Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Andrews was prudent to act on valid suspicions

Imre Salusinszky says it as well as anyone in relation to Minister Andrew's handling of the Haneef case:

'On balance, this is one of those no-scandal scandals where the stridency of some commentators only underlines their estrangement from the man and woman on the street.

Unfortunately, this estrangement reveals a pattern we have seen repeatedly since 9/11. It sometimes appears the Western intelligentsia does not have the stomach to go a single round in the fight against terrorism, but would rather we blamed ourselves.

Andrews showed common sense in revoking Haneef's visa, and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd showed equal common sense in supporting that decision. Both men are in responsible positions and I encourage them to maintain their vigilance over the security of my children, my friends and my fellow Australian.' (my bold)

Update: The Australian reports today that chat room conversations involving Haneef suggested to authorities he may have had prior knowledge of the UK bombings. The scramblebrains on the left owe Minister Kevin Andrews an apology - he'll be waiting. I'll forgive the nitwits who made intemperate and foolish remarks on this blog.


Anonymous said...

The only stridency in this debate is coming from reactionaries such as yourself, who gloss over the trashing of an innocent person's reputation and the gradual decline in our civil liberties.

There is simply no arguing with you people - you can justify any action, no matter how fascistic, on the grounds of your fear-driven, intolerant agenda.

Andrews has been exposed as incompetent dolt and fall guy for the despicable Howard, whose appetite for lowest common denominator wedge politics gets more desparate by the day.

Bring Back CL's blog said...

It worries me that a mere 3% of people detained in the UK are then arrested and charged.

In this case the AFP were mute whilst the barrister produced evidence which was not so and they knew it.

It is incredible that the AFP can think a sim card given almost one year ago with a mere $10 left on it can be the MAJOR reason to charge him.
It is incredible that they mix up diaries, do not understnd that muslims may have the same names, do not know when people are living at homes etc.

It is also incredible people cannot even apologise when they stuff things up.

If Andrews is anywhere near correct then the young doctor shouldn't be anywhere but a cell but clearly a political decision was made that he leave and the ballsup leave with him.
Andrew's applying press release and sunday sunrise appearance surely would have convinced most clear thinking people he was simply an idiot but not our Harry

I am very pleased you never ask questions Harry OR even want basic ones answered.

I would be spitting chips if I was in prison in the same circumstances.

This Government and you have never understood terrorism and consequently do not know how to fight except to view it in political terms and how frustrated Andrews,Abbott, Howard, Downer etc have been about that.

Anonymous said...

What anonymous said!

David Rubie said...

sometimes appears the Western intelligentsia does not have the stomach to go a single round in the fight against terrorism
It's the gutless, terrified Right that has no stomach for fighting to keep civil rights in the face of danger that is the real problem.

whyisitso said...

There is no universal human or civil right for any member of the 6+ billion people on the planet who are not Australian citizens to receive and keep an Australian visa. There is no country in the world where the executive arm of government doesn't exercise discretion on issuing visas.

The left is outraged that John Howard insists that we (Australians) will decide who comes to this country and in what circumstances. To make it otherwise would make Australia unique among nations, a uniqueness we definitely don't want or need.

Bring Back CL's blog said...

the problem here for Harry and Whyisitso is that the punters saw the incarceration of the young doctor as being unfair.

We do like the idea of a fair go here and it wasn't in evidence.

I would like to applaud Mt Ruddock who as in the kiddies overboard went in early without the information and then looked stupid.
He wondered why the doctor had a one-way ticket.

At least this time he shut up but didn't see any need to say sorry about his lazy work

conrad said...

I agree with BBCLB.

Its funny how just a few weeks ago you had stuff complaining about about what an authoritarian place China is (no doubt true). I'm sure they'd be proud of this action and the fact that even after it turns out to be incorrect, the government simply denies it did anything wrong.

hc said...

Conrad, Comparing Chinese repression and the Chinese criminal justice system with that prevailing in Australia is totally ridiculous.

Haneef was released in under 4 weeks after initially being recognised as having associated with terrorists.

conrad said...

That's true HC -- but look at the history of the 20th century (including Australia). Things can change expectionally quickly (for both better and worse), which is why we shouldn't allow these sorts of violations.

Guido said...

Maybe it looks like Rudd's decision to back Howard on this one was correct after all.

hc said...

Rudd was correct and I applaud him for it. But the Brownie points he got decrease from say 96/100 to 92/100 gioven the strength of the arguments against Haneef. Rudd would have been extremely foolish to dispoute Andrews judgememnt here.

That said I am not taking it away from Rudd. A responsible guy who has the capabilities and character of being a decent Prime Minister.