Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stockmarket investing in 2007

When I started my blog one of the things I wanted to do was develop my interest in making money on the stockmarket into something I could post on. I envisaged initially maintaing a hypothetical portfolio online with some racy tips that would stir the interest of thousands of greedy punters in the blogosphere who would, in turn, reward me with their wisdom.

It never happened. My interest was met with a total yawn. After a few months I shifted the postings I had begun off to my Moneybags site where it now sits unloved by all and for the most part ignored by me. In weeks of peak interest it will get up to 9 visitors.

But I did keep my hypothetical portfolio and, in January, I set myself an ambition to beat the All Ordinaries by a considerable margin in 2007. This I have done - you can read all about it here. As I determined today, the value of my portfolio has increased by 40.5% since the beginning of the year.

I am now off to Dan Murphy this afternoon for a celebratory Bollinger.

I will unwisely spend some of my paper, hypothetical profits on the grounds that I feel good about myself. My tongue is pointed firmly in the direction of those who ignored my wisdom and, to those who did better than I did by ignoring my advice, let me say spitefully, 'your luck will run out'.

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David said...

Well done Harry. Spending your paper profits on real Bollie? I hope you'll at least be drinking it out of a paper cup.