Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Workers’ paradise in China

The peasant in China has received a raw deal for thousands of years. Now with China’s move to a market economy some of these brutalised peasants are running China in conjunction with their former communist bosses. Because former abused kids cause further abuse the oppression in China is continuing.

Chairman Mao, is still officially venerated as a demi-god. He was, in fact, the ‘biggest mass killer in human history’ being instrumental in having 70 million people killed thereby taking the title of king among mass murders, by a good margin, from Hitler and Stalin. Not someone to hero worship.

After Mao the new progressive ‘pro-market leadership’ has continued to manage a country steeped in barbarism. In the last few weeks it has been revealed that 1000s of Chinese peasants, including many young children, have been sold into slavery in brick kiln factories. Not in just one location but across the country and not by ‘capitalist roaders’ and criminals. Well not officially at least - police and party officials were actively involved in the enslavement of these unfortunates. The workers’ state?

Even refugees into China from North Korea are sold into prostitution in their thousands. It’s a measure of the desperation of the poor North Koreans that they would think of escaping to China.

Ghandi said we judge a society in terms of how it cares for non-human life. But non-human animal life has absolutely no protection under Chinese law. The consequent cruelty to animals is unimaginable.

China is the world’s largest greenhouse gas polluter and has 16 of the 20 most polluted cities on earth. It is the armpit of Asia. Desertification and destruction of water resources are occurring on a massive scale. This partly reflects incompetence as well as Chinese barbarian-peasant indifference to the environment.

What a curriculum vitae for a country!

I make these hostile remarks because I tire of being told of the Chinese ‘economic miracle’.

Tire of hearing about their ancient ‘culture’.
Tire of listening to the bigoted posturings of the Beijing tyrants.

Tired too of the Communist Party lies. The West is asked to tolerate Chinese enslavement of Tibet and to passively accept China’s planned takeover of Taiwan. The motherland has its ‘rights’. It even has the ‘right’ to tell our leaders not to even meet the Dalai Lama because he is a ‘splitist’. But the DL is a man with more humour, charisma and intelligence than the whole Chinese Communist Party.

It’s a simple observation: Ending communism in China is not enough. Democracy coupled with respect for human rights is essential. But even this isn’t enough if democracy means choosing from a field of formerly-abused children. Somehow an ethic needs to develop which eschews barbarism and xenophobia in relation to other peoples beliefs and hostility towards the natural environment. Economic development might eventually promote this but, in the interim, we should be suspicious. Given their origins the Chinese leaders and their potential replacement need serious therapy and education.

Otherwise, the nouveau riche barbarians who were themselves abused as children (in conjunction with aristocratic communist dictators) will run China. They will continue to damage their own people and the world.


Anonymous said...

I often disagree with your rightwing views but in this case, you are right on the spot - more power to you.

conrad said...

Its all very well to complain about all of this -- but given that year zero was about 50 years ago for China, I don't think that the Chinese people (cf. Chinese government) have done too bad a job. In addition, the fact that all these little incidents of heinous crime go on (slavery etc.) needs to be taken in proportion to the population. If I multiplied the crime done in Australia by 60, I'm sure I'd find a lot of aweful stuff too.

melaleuca said...

Brilliant post, Harry. This should be a broadsheet op-ed.