Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy birthday John!

Prime Minister John Winston Howard turns 68 today. He has been Prime Minister for 11 years and involved in Liberal Party politics for 50 years.

Howard looks fit and intellectually at his full strength - more like someone likely to fight on for a fifth term than someone about to retire as an aged pensioner.

If JWH stays on and completes another term he would be 72 - the age that Robert Gordon Menzies retired as PM.

I am sure everyone in the blogosophere wishes John a happy birthday. But lest anyone should inadvertently forget: Happy birthday John from the blogosphere!


Yobbo said...,20797,22126389-23272,00.html?from=public_rss

Something new for you Harry.

Yobbo said...


Francis Xavier Holden said...

I've never had any time for Howard ever since I first knew him as Treasurer.

I wish he retired years ago. Nothing to do with age.

I only wish him out of government and certainly wish him no harm.

So Happy Birthday JWH.

He shares his birthday with Michael Philip Jagger.

I know who has contributed more to my well being.

btw. I saw yesterdays Hun front page. Truely appalling. Who cares if he stumbles 3 times a day.

hc said...

Yobbo, I'll have to have a look at this game WOW. It must have something. But you are now back on the straight and steady?

JWH the same birthday as our Mick but JWH 4 years older! That's amazing - but they both do have that cool sensual demeanor.

I do like Mick. He made a solo album years ago "She's The Boss'. About as good as anything I heard from the 'Stones. A great singer if a stingy, unpleasant misognyst.

Recall concert around 1973 in Syd.

Yobbo said...

I'm back playing poker Harry, if that's what you mean by "straight and steady".

WoW is a great game though, I just tend to be an all-or-nothing type person.

When I was playing WoW, I'd do it for 12 hours a day, every day. Now I do the same thing with Poker. (Which is far better for me financially).

A lot of it's probably just because i don't have much else to do though.

Anonymous said...

FuzzFlash sez...

What a shame Mr.Howard has not a foot on Terra Australis so that a grateful nation may personally deliver its birthday salutations.

Sure, Australia has diggers in East Timor, I wonder why he didn't celebrate it in Iraq, where there are lots more.

Sir Henry said...

This is as good a forelock tugging as I've seen. I am going to cross-post it all over the blogosphere on your behalf Harry, seeing that you are speaking for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dessicated coconut!