Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eurasian curlew

The Eurasian curlew, a reasonably common northern hemisphere bird but one that seldom gets past southern Asia, was seen and photographed yesterday at Eighty Mile Beach, west of Broome, by members of the Australian Wader Studies Group (AWSG) . Chris Hassell found it and some 20 observers saw it. This is a new bird species for Australia.


conrad said...

He's a nice looking fellow -- probably sick of being seeing his friends eaten in SE Asia, and sick of the polluted waters too. Lets hope he makes Australia home.

I'll vote for him next election "Eurasian curlew for prime minister". He can appeal obviously appeal to both Anglos and Asians too!

hc said...

He (or she) is a migratory wading bird so would only come to call Australian home in the summer months. In winter he (she) would enjoy the northern summer.

This is just a photo of the species - a very good one with beautiful movement - but not the bird spotted yesterday.