Sunday, November 25, 2007

Formatting my blog

I have resisted the temptation to play around with blog formatting but have finally made some obvious changes. The list of recent commenters has gone - at a pinch I could reintroduce it - and the 'over the fold' feature has gone too. The former hard blue screen was sometimes a bit difficult to read and bolding of text often wasn't clear.

I'd be interested to know whether readers think it is an improvement. Sometimes the visual output varies by type of computer and monitor but, on the laptop I am using in my travels, the new formatting is a vast improvement in clarity.

Having switched to the newest Blogger site design software I can more readily make editing changes on formatting. Suggestions are welcome.


whyisitso said...

Obviously you're home from Italy?!

hc said...

No, I've moved about 10 km up the coast from Trieste to a swanky oceanfront hotel, Hotel Riviera. Here for a while yet.

Slim said...

Looking good Harry, and easy on the eye. Conventional graphic design application for maximum comprehension recommends dark text on light back ground for computer screens (and pages for that matter) while light text on dark background is best for projected images. (Americans actually work these things out scientifically, bless them.)

Must be lovely on an Italian coast. Is it cold?

Dropped son number one off at Torquay to bus it back to Melbourne for his restaurant job. He and number two kept me up until the sky began to lighten discussing political, social and economic theory interspersed with a few songs with guitars. And rarely for me, a dram or few of fine Irish Whiskey (must be some Fenian heritage in my family line).

My picking partners and I played a set in a cafe/bar in Ocean Grove for the fun of it and a free coffee. We then kicked on in Geelong to a small wine bar on Pako Street, playing as an unplugged trio until early evening. An amiable way to polish up material for paid gigs while being plied with hospitality from a gracious host. Even the house red was rather good. There are worse way to spend a Sunday. Blogging, for example!

Yobbo said...

Much easier to read black text on white paper.

hc said...

Slim, Yobbo, So I assume the slightly off-white background is OK - should the text be darkened further?

Its not cold on the coast here - drizzling rain, foggy and cool. It is very comfortable.

Enjoy your music - my daughters are very musical.

Anonymous said...

I love the new format (as it appears on 28 November). Much better than the old dungeon. Trouble is, I keep thinking I've come to the wrong site.