Friday, November 23, 2007

I have already voted

There is a fair chance the riff-raff will seize Government in Australia tomorrow.

As most commentators have noted it is a somewhat strange position that a political party which has presided over the longest running economic expansion in our history should now face electoral defeat. Kevin Rudd is a strong and effective leader of a rabble-based party based on a fading trade union movement and leftist loose thinking-cum-social-romanticism. Rudd’s strength derives from the hope he gives Labor that it will gain power. In terms of policies he has almost nothing to offer. Perhaps he gives some hope and he certainly is clever with the verbiage but Rudd has simply me-tooed the government on most issues. He has set qualifications to the reforms on WorkChoices that mean little will happen during the next cycle of Federal Government, has climate change policies that are effectively identical to the Coalition and has glib education policies that ignore skill issues and simply offer a laptop to every kid. It is low-level politics from a bureaucrat master of cliché and cant.

So is there a case for an alternative management team with a new language to be installed to implement the current Government’s policies? The answer should be no but I don’t think it will be. The lack of experience, the zealous me-tooism and the dominant role of trade union hacks on Labor’s front bench provides a basis for policy imitation but not creative government.

A vote for Rudd puts too much at risk but, in an environment where things are operating so well, this has proven to be a difficult message to sell.


Jeremy said...

Such arrogance.

Maybe the punters just don't believe your conservative talking points any more. It's fairly sad that they believed them for so long, but thank god they're finally waking up.

Still - don't worry, Harry. Your lot might still scrape back over the line, even if they lose the popular vote by tens of thousands. It may yet be 1969 instead of 1972.

patrick said...

Indeed. The fact you cannot imagine even why people would not vote for Howard, or may be unhappy with him, demonstrates

a) how out of touch you are with the majority of Australians, most like, or at least half of them


b) how ill-qualified you are to pass comment on politics. Strong as my feelings are against Howard, I have no difficulty imagining why people would vote for him.

Oh well, Harry, if things go as they are looking, you well have at least ten years to think up a reason.

hc said...

I don't have problems understanding how you would think Snow White is a villain Patrick. Your brain is configured to espouse narkiness.

Out of touch? Howard has headed the government for 11 years and still remains very popular.

rabee said...

You flew your muffin top
to Italy on the day HE is facing a tough challenge in Bennelong.

You coward

Spiros said...

It would be so much better if the "riff raff" were not allowed to vote, so they would not be able to "seize" power, right Harry?

Only right-thinking chaps like you should be allowed to vote.

Democracy can be such a pain, especially one loses.

hc said...

Spiros, At this stage I am not thinking about armed insurrection to overthrow a Labor victor. I'll just have to live with it - just as I live with the fact that people smoke cigarettes which give them cancer and that some grots eat their ear wax.

Rabee, I live in comfort that, if needs be, JWH can always give you a call up their in the deep north for spiritual guidance and moral support.

rabee said...

I’m calling Bennelong for Labor (5:45 pm QLD)

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