Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rock from the late 1960s: A particular state of mind

On a Sunday night sans psychedelics – the kids are watching 'Kath and Kim' and the closest thing to excitement is a rainy Melbourne evening. Yeah, don't tell me, we need the rain. Nothing much to do, so search for long lost great music on YouTube.

I enjoyed this tribute to Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett (1946-2006). This put me in the mood for some vintage Jerry Garcia (Death Don't Have No Mercy, He’s Gone), some of Mona in an atonal, frenetic performance by Quicksilver Messenger Service and a visual verdict to Porpoise Mouth by Country Joe and the Fish. Oh yes and Frank Zappa crept in!

Ah, the 1960s (thanks to Mark U for correction) – yes I was there and sorta remember.


Mark U said...

Of course, while Shine on You Crazy Diamond was a 1970s song, Syd Barrett did not make any contribution to Pink Floyd after 1968.

I think Mona was performed by QSM in the late 1960s.

And Willie the Pimp came out in 1969.

Porpoise Mouth in 1967!

Ah, the 1960s.....

hc said...

I'll change the date. For me it was the 1970s - I was a little slow in appreciating this music - 1968 was my first year out of high school. I remember in 1972 finding out about Country Joe MacDonald and the Fish just as the group disintegrated. QMS and GD came at about that time.

You are right too about QMS's version of Mona - it came out 1968.

So i stand corrected.

Slim said...

Ah you're a gem Harry!

At least we share an appreciation of 60s West Coast music ;-). I remember a while back you posted something about Jefferson Airplane. It was a happening time.

Like you, I started tuning into these bands around 1972. After that I pretty much stopped paying attention to music on the radio and began my exploration of Americana that continues to this day.


Slim said...

Chilling out with the teenagers watching some live footage of Frank Zappa playing Montana in a niteclub from the Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation Classic Albums episode with one Frank's all-time great guitar solo.

Check it out if you haven't already. The documentary includes some insightful and intelligent commentary about Frank Zappa and his place in music history.

hc said...

I find a lot of teenagers these days don't like Zappa or any of this acid rock stuff.

A couple of Zappa's concerts in Sydney were highlights of an early very limited concert-growing period.

Is Montana on a DVD?

Slim said...

Oddly enough my third offspring took to FZ rather quickly a few months ago - studying Yr 12 Music Performance helped him appreciate the musical genius side. I'm quietly proud of his mp3 collection - lots of classic music from my youth, including early Jefferson Airplane. His musical friends have similar old school tastes. Must be something in the local water.

The DVD is available from Amazon but I'm sure JB HiFi would likely have it. Google Frank Zappa: Apostrophe / Over-Nite Sensation (2007)

Michael Gormly said...

Err, Harry, didn't a lot of your rock heroes take drugs pretty consistently?

By your thinking, shouldn't they all be locked up along with Ben Cousins, Joey Johns and all the other celebs who indulge? Not to mention The Beatles, Erik Satie, Ken Kesey, Lewis Carroll etc etc etc etc.

Or is it only dysfunctional or poor drug users that deserve punishment?

Curious George said...

I'm wondering...I saw a B&W Quicksilver Messenger Service concert film in 1970 on PBS that was about one half to an hour long. Is anyone familiar with this and do you know where I can find a copy.

hc said...

Michael, I have never advocated jailing drug offenders - I just don't support the drug treatment industry's glorification of them. I posted on Ben Cousins and argued he was wrongly arrested - turns out I was right.

Curious George, Haven't seen it. Get back to me if you discover it, would you? One of my favourite bands - I'd die for a filmed version of 'The Fool'.