Friday, November 23, 2007

Now Labor even ‘me-toos’ Howard on ‘border protection’

That foul-mouthed, upstart of a former Prime Minister, Keating has wailed that ‘Australia has lost its moral compass under Howard’s rule’. Keating, has, in fact, never forgiven JWH for giving him a well-deserved kick in the rear end in 1996.

Among the Bankstown boy’s misrepresentations on this occasion:

Think about his tacit endorsement of Hanson's racism during his first government, his WASP-divined jihad against refugees — those wretched individuals who had enough faith in us to try to reach us in old tubs, while his wicked detention policy was presided over by that other psalm singer, Philip Ruddock. This is the John Howard the press gallery in Canberra went out of its way to sell to the public during 1995. The new-made person on immigration, not the old suburban, picket-fence racist of the 1980s, no, the enlightened unifier who now accepted Australia's ethnic diversity; the opposition leader who was going to maintain Keating Labor's social policies on industrial relations, on superannuation at 15%, on reconciliation, on native title, and on the unique labour market programs for the unemployed. (my bold)
Howard is no racist and he has expanded the immigration and refugee programs well beyond the levels provided by this guttersnipe. The press gallery didn’t defeat Keating in 1996 Keating - Australians just hated you – one of the most divisive leader Australia has had in the post-war period. It is a message you must learn to accept Paul. Your ‘labour market programs’ have been replaced and Australia now has its lowest unemployment for 33 years.

But will Labor offer an immigration alternative under Rudd? This is impossible to believe. They will just ‘me-too’ the Government on its record immigration intakes (or cut them slightly in response to the views of their anti-migration, trade union dominated front bench).

Consider what Mr Rudd said yesterday on turning back the ‘boat people’ queue jumpers:

Kevin Rudd has taken a tough line on border security, warning that a Labor Government will turn the boats back and deter asylum-seekers, using the threat of detention and the nation's close ties with Indonesia. (my bold)

In other words the Liberal policy that the Labor Party and its motley gang of quarter-brainers are grizzling about intensely is Labor policy. When I read this border protection policy expressed so starkly I almost fell over but I should not have been surprised – it has in fact been Labor policy for a decade. What grates are the assertions by people like Keating that Labor will restore what it considers to be a 'moral basis' to Australian politics. It won’t and Labor claims about morality are hypocrisy.

Border protection is one issue that has been repeatedly used as a means of attacking the Coalition. The Labor Party has clearly endorsed the policy it simultaneously criticises. To its masses of supporters this will be yet another instance of Kevin Rudd avoiding 'wedge politics' - avoiding stating what he believes to gain power. If that is so then Rudd is a liar rather than a hypocrite.


Anthony said...

"Your ‘labour market programs’ have been replaced and Australia now has its lowest unemployment for 33 years."

And yet the most significant decline in unemployment was under Keating's labour market reforms.

Really Harry that's quite misleading and I'm very disappointed. Now, I don't suppose you've considered the deliberate vilification of refugees for political purposes have you?

shlomo said...

Howard's moral compass

Children overboard lie
Climate change denial followed by cynical conversion
Getting us into the Iraq war by WMD lies
Imprisoning children of detainees from birth
Taking no responsibility for AWBs treachery
Supporting the destruction of habeas corpus by extreme right-wing US government
Racist slur on Haneef for political gain
Hatemongering against Muslims for political gain
Racist and illegal arrest of Muslim medical student by ASIO
Racist pamphlets in Sydney electorate

The list goes on.

procrustes said...

"and yet the most significant decline in unemployment was under Keating's labour market reforms"

what are you smoking, anthony?

Unemployment rate December 1991 when Keating became PM 10%, unemployment rate March 1996 when Keating lost to Howard 8.1%; Unemployment rate March 2000 (4 years later) 6.5%, unemployment rate now 4.3%

hc said...

Most of your claims Schlomo are lies or at best half-truths. I can't be bothered going through all the stories - start to value the truth my friend - not exaggeration and prejudice.

Well said procrustes.

Anthony Rudd's statement explicitly excludes more migrants from Africa - there were almost none during the Hawke-Keating years. Why?