Monday, November 26, 2007

Italian seafood

I am living about 100 metres from the coastline here in northern Italy and, yep, recalling my trade classes on comparative advantage based on factor endowments I have focused my culinary endeavors here on the local seafood.

Lobster, calimari, scampi, prawns, shellfish and some of the local fishes (including fresh tuna steaks) have been subject to lunchtime attacks over the past week or so. I am interested in the northern Italian approach which often combines a fair bit of olive oil with tomato. Some of the seafood soups have been delightful but for sheer perfection yesterday's lobster in a spicy, tomato-based sauce with pasta brought me reasonably close to a beatific vision.

I've grizzled a bit in restaurants here about the sweetness of the Italian whites but with the lobster I got a bone dry Tocai Friulano that reminded me of a great chablis and I was in heaven.

After several hours of contemplating the yacht masts and the seabirds in the harbour adjoining the restaurant I walked with a full stomach and an empty mind to Miramare Castle and its gardens for a stroll. It was a great afternoon.

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