Monday, May 08, 2006

Around the blogs

Good blog postings on teaching economics, peak oil, health systems and global warming.

Teaching economics. From NewEconomist comes advice that R. Preston McAfee’s text Introduction to Economic Analysis has been published online. It looks excellent – full of good theory and lots of punchy examples. By the way Ariel Rubinstein has put together his online notes on price theory here – an excellent set of fairly advanced notes for about a 10 lecture course. This is really good – it doesn’t flood a beginner graduate student with excessive detail – but captures major ideas and the idea of proving propositions.

Peal oil. From Oikos I learn that the excellent recent Economist article (subscription only) on ‘peak oil’ has been published at the Ecological Economics blogsite. Other good articles here and a good blogsite here. The original ASPO (Association for Study of Peal Oil and Gas) site is here. A 2004 paper by Morris Adelman (one of the real experts in world petroleum markets) ‘The Real Oil Problem’ is here. A critique of Adelman is here.

Public health. Finally from Beat the Press I got this excellent discussion (along with hyperlinks) of the New York Times critique of the British Health Care system.

Global warming. Courtesy of Andrew Leigh an informative qualitative discussion (by two quantitative modellers) of how we can think about global warming in a way that accounts for uncertainty is here.

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