Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sun, surf & birth of new economic model

Interesting views on the ‘Australian Model’ from the Financial Times . (Via Truck and Barter and Economist’s View).

‘It is a developed country that enjoyed faster economic growth than the US over the past decade. Yet it also offers universal healthcare and other social welfare benefits that the US does not. Unemployment is similar to America’s, but without the glaring income disparities that characterise US growth. It is a country that seems to have achieved a sweet spot, combining the vigour of American capitalism with the humanity of European welfare, yet suffering the drawbacks of neither. And it manages this while keeping a consistent budget surplus. That country, rolling into its 16th year of uninterrupted growth, is Australia’.

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Anonymous said...

At the right price, Aussies are probably prepared to provide consultancy services to the U.S.A.