Friday, May 12, 2006

Flagging fortunes

Salon asks whether sexually demanding women cause impotence? This evaluates an argument in the Washington Post. The Salon thesis is that consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc, as well as female assertiveness, take a toll on male potency. The basic issue: To what extent do men only enjoy sex if they see it as a winning move in a competition?

'a sexual economy where female desire is allowed to match male desire could lead to a changed playing field on which the boys were less motivated by the sense that sex is the equivalent of a touchdown, scored by pushing your way through the opposing team's defense'.
So, for women
'Why don't we just buckle up our chastity belts and give those boys something to focus on unlocking already? Because lord knows, our eager, aroused bodies are totally harshing their hard-ons!
I envy men in a happy world where such fantasies are true. I don't believe them. Pursuit is interesting (and involves effort) but the action and outcome are of prime importance.

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