Monday, May 01, 2006

Two video clips + 2

I am enjoying watching video clips that are readily available in the blogosphere.

One comes from Truck and Barter which makes excellent points on the anti-smoking message and also provides a innovative anti-smoking movie (courtesy of Tom G. Palmer) titled Thank You For Smoking.

The deadpan Stephen Colbert satirises GWB at a White House Correspondent's dinner (with Bush present). I got the clip (Part 1, Part 2 ) from BTC news where it is intelligently reviewed. A reader has set up a blog thanking Colbert for his performance. Good fun - George went along with the humour for a while but ended up none too pleased.

Update: A brilliant review of the brilliant Colbert performance is here. Rabee Tourky forwards a couple of clips here and here that economists (and others) will enjoy. The first a hilariously spiteful dig at Ben Bernanke's election as head of the FED - macroeconomics as pop - and why students should study at the Hebrew University or New York University and not in Harvard by the sparkling Ariel Rubinstein.


rabee said...

There goes the conservative perspective of your blog.

You’re probably not in touch with US comrades. The conservative lines are
“Tough night for Colby” and “Stephen Colbert bombed”, get with the program.

By the way, if you want comedy related to economics see


(hat tip: Osborne)

hc said...

I guess you are right - there is an apparent inconsistency. But, irrespective of the politics, Colby was humorous and very focused.

I am interested in the conservative response to Colby.

civitas said...

I really like Steve Colbert and find his show funny, but he forgot the cardinal rule of WH Press Correspondents Dinners, and that is to make fun of yourself, not others.