Sunday, May 07, 2006


The evidence just keeps on accumulating. Those nasty things we have been told for years about eating meat are often false. Quote:

‘REPLACING two or three slices of bread or a handful of pasta a day with a small serving of lean red meat may help people lower their blood pressure, Australian research suggests’.

This is great news but is something Robert Atkins (and many others) have been arguing for decades. A carbohydrate-restricted diet reduces blood pressure. ‘Nothing is more consistently or more rapidly observed than normalization of blood pressure’. New Diet Revolution.

When your GP tells you that your blood pressure is a bit up and you should watch your meat intake ask him or her for the evidence that this will help. It is not unambiguous.


Bring Back EP at LP said...

too many steakholders in this issua

hc said...

Homer, As Jason asked do the search the web for viable pun-shots? Its not a bad one actually - certainly Atkins has been attacked (I think very unfairly) for advancing the interests of meat producers.

Anonymous said...

The problem with meat (red meat in particular) is that its high in saturated fat. I agree that replacing meat with refined carbs is not a good plan, but red meat is not the best substitute. Chicken, fish and unprocessed grains are a much better alternative.

I think the atkins diet takes the "no carbs" message a little too far. There is nothing wrong with eating unprocessed grains such as wholemeal.