Monday, May 08, 2006

Class warriers show no class

Paul Austin in The Age this morning identifies the hypocrisy of the Labor Party's Rob Hulls in attacking about-to-become Victorian Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu as the 'toff from Toorak'. Of course it is no-one's fault if they happen to be borne rich - even Labor Politicians- but the hypocrisy of the Labor Party on this one is just breath-taking:

'Hulls' attack was comprehensive: he suggested Baillieu had inherited virtually everything he had in life, including his seat in Parliament and now the leadership of his party.

'Hulls' hypocrisy is shameless. In fact, Baillieu is coming to the leadership in a remarkably similar way to Steve Bracks, who won the job unopposed about six months out from an election after a long campaign by others of destabilisation of the incumbent (in Bracks' case it was John Brumby, in Baillieu's it is Doyle).

And if Hulls wants to talk about people "inheriting" seats in Parliament, what about multimillionaire businessman Evan Thornley, who was unable to win preselection in his own right but has now been hand-picked by the Premier to take a guaranteed seat?

Yes, Baillieu went to Melbourne Grammar. But so did Deputy Premier John Thwaites and Treasurer Brumby. Former Labor premier John Cain went to Scotch. Hulls himself had the privilege of being educated at Xavier College and Peninsula Grammar.

Baillieu lives in a million-dollar-plus house in the nice suburb of Hawthorn, with no driveway or swimming pool. Bracks lives in a million-dollar-plus house in the nice suburb of Williamstown, with driveway and swimming pool.

At least they live in their electorates — unlike nearly two-thirds of Bracks' cabinet. Hulls himself is one minister who lives outside his electorate. Police Minister Tim Holding is another. His electorate of Lyndhurst covers what might in class-warrior terms be called the working-class suburbs of Dandenong South, Noble Park and Springvale. But Holding lives in a million-dollar-plus house in the nice suburb of East Melbourne'.

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