Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday joy as wealth grows

Over at my near-defunct Moneybags blog I checked today on the growth of the nominal portfolio I selected 30 December last year. In 11 months it has increased 49.5%, more than double the increase in the All Ordinaries.

Today's inspection was motivated by a success story - former dog stock HostWorks announced today that it will be taken over by Macquarie Communications Infrastructure for 41 cents per share. Your enterprising scribe 'bought' 25,000 last December at 16.5 cents in a minor flutter.

I've got a more than reasonable bottle of wine, my well-thumbed biography of John Howard and will now enjoy a leisurely evening with son William next to the pool as I gloat over financial wizardry and contemplate sage investment decisions for 2008.


Anonymous said...

Why do you describe Hostworks as a "dog stock"?

hc said...

I said 'former' dog stock.

Only because I've followed it for quite a while and it hasn't risen in price.

No reflection on the company - seems to be a great little business which is why my interest was sustained.