Thursday, December 13, 2007

Political correctness & historical myth destroys young lives

I agree with Miranda Devine - Jenny Macklin 'should start formulating an apology to all those children murdered, raped and abused in the past decade as a direct result of the (Stolen Generations) report, which, in the name of cultural correctness, has put so many obstacles in the way of removing indigenous children from unsafe homes'.

I have been following the story of the nine men who gang raped a 10 year old girl in Aurukun last year and who were allowed by Judge Sarah Bailey to walk free because the girl 'probably agreed to have sex with all of you'. Six were released without charge while three others - the eldest aged 26 - were given a suspended sentence. They were all given a stern warning 'you must not have sex with young girls'. They would have been shaking in their boots!

Is this not blatant racism of the worst type? Judge Bailey would never have imposed this type of judgment on the rapists of a white kid. Moreover it is not skin colour-based George Wallace style racism but prejudice bred from political correctness, historical myth and a foolishly myopic belief in cultural relativity.

The girl had been raped before and had been removed to foster parents who ensured she went to school and received counselling. The CHILD SAFETY DEPARTMENT (!) however ruled that, as the foster parents were not indigenous, the foster home was creating a new 'stolen generation'.

Macklin will never apologise. The left would prefer to offer apologies for 'stolen generations' fiction that allegedly occurred 40 years ago than face up to the catastrophic consequences of current policies that the political correctness and excessive caution is forcing on civil servants. Moreover, the idiocy of the left that stem from its hatred and contempt for what it means to be an Australian does not excuse in any way the stupidity and prejudice of the civil servants or of the leftist ideologues and hypocrites in the indigenous rights movement who have forced this nonsense on us for decades. I hope the horror of what has happened to this unfortunate child - her life and her vision of the future have been unalterably destroyed - remains a permanent nightmare to you all.

Update: Mark Bahnisch at Larvatus Prodeo is most concerned at this 'regrettable incident' but wants to resist the temptation to look at it narrowly - it needs to be placed in a 'broader context'. No case for Federal intervention at Aurukun - we don't want a return to the paternalism of Noel Pearson and the Coalition when we have a healthy preexisting pile of left-wing paternalism and lies to help us digest the sad facts. He makes me want to throw up.


Anonymous said...

Why would Jenny Macklin give a shit about what happened to that girl. Leftists prefer to deal with myths rather than truth. What happened to this girl sits uncomfortably with the myth creation machine at left-central HQ. So don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

If you think that children were being taken from their parents in the past to prevent child abuse you are deluding yourselves.

It is a long bow to attack the Stolen Generations report as somehow being responsible for abuse of children amongst aboriginals.

rog said...

Its a fist full of cliches - when ex Premier Beattie was asked about aboriginal abuse "on his watch" he replied that the effects of any reform he had implemented would be at least over a generation and that he had always been open, transparent and accountable on this issue..

Bring Back CL's blog said...

if one actually reads of why halfblooded aboriginals were takenaway from their family the main reason was full blooded aboriginal were quite violent towards them.

It apeears they were errr racist!!

Spiros said...

Harry, you don't have to deny the stolen generations to be appalled at the story of this girl. It's illogical. The stolen generations happened.

As for the current situation, I agree, it is appaling, and both the prosecutor and judge appear to be ill suited to their jobs. And of course the perpetrators of tis crime should go to jail. But don't kid yourself that this wold be a punishment. These people live utterly hopeless lives, drug addled, alcohol addled and violent. Going to jail would be a significant step up in the quality of their lives. And that's not because the jails are great places. Going to the jail in Midnight Express would be a significant improvement for them.

There's no deterrant value in threatening to send people from these communities to jail for committing these offences. If anything, it would be an encouragement. That's how bad it is.

Yobbo said...

"These people live utterly hopeless lives, drug addled, alcohol addled and violent."

Which is why the "Stolen Generation" happened.

I.E. Government workers were trying to protect kids.

Now they just leave them there to be repeatedly raped because putting them into foster care is racist.

hc said...

Yes Sam I agree, putting them in a caring environment is racist according to the CHILD SAFETY DEPARTMENT - it contributes to another 'stolen generations'.

Saying sorry to the 'stolen generations' is not just falling for a lie and abusing well-intentioned people who helped Charles Perkins and others - it has corrosive effects on the welfare of young aboriginal children today by frightening peanut-brained bureaucrats.

Why in the hell does the ALP and the deranged part of the welfare community insist on an apology to the claimed 'stolen generations' but not be prepared to give one to the young kids Labor Governments are in charge of protecting today who are still abused?

I don't agree Spiros that jail would be a reward for these people. It would act as a deterrent.

Bring Back CL's blog said...

saying sorry is okay because everyone does things that are wrong however thebStolen generation report like the Wild report was a disgrace.

Most people taken were half bloodded people and were done because of threatened violence by fullblooded aboriginals.

Funny howthe Royal commision into balck deaths in custody examined this issue BUT the bringing them home report ignoredtheir results.

Actually it wasn't funny at all

Mark U said...

There were many reasons why indigneous children were taken from their families in the past but prevention of child abuse was never first and foremost.

It is true that mixed descent children were often unwanted in many indigenous communities and had to be taken into care, but the Stolen Generation report documented the widespread forcible removal of mixed-descent children from their families in circumstances that had nothing to do with child abuse and more to do with an expectation that the indigenous population would eventually die out. Many indigneous children were abused just as badly by whites when in taken into foster care.

If aboriginal communities were on an equal economic and social footing to the rest of the Australian population, I would be just as outraged as some of the other people commenting on this site.

Also note that the people who are so outraged are also the same people that don't believe we should offer an apology to the indigneous population even though it is patently obvious that the current problems in indigenous communities have flowed from decades of mismanagement by "well meaning" whites.