Monday, December 03, 2007

A loss for civilisation

I thought this by Mark Steyne basically said it all.


rabee said...

I too, Harry, am convinced that a vote for Labor or the Greens was a vote for the terrorists. A vote for OBL no less.

derrida derider said...

Absolutely - I expect Cabinet to announce the Caliphate any day now and to move our troops from Iraq to the West Bank accordingly. Allahu Akbar!

But I'm a bit puzzled, Harry. Weren't you recently worried about Ms Gillard announcing a November Revolution, which presumably would ban God?

Wotever said...


Not only are cliches bad art, there also bad argument and bad politics.

Perhaps the Labor party is not going to destroy civilisation. Perhaps their not goint to introduce sharia law, or go to bed with terrorists.

Perhaps the Conservatives lost the election because cliches will only get you so far, and sooner or later you have to actually face the reality that the other side of politics is a legitimate voice, and your side don't have all the answers.

And the longer you take to realise this, the longer you will be in opposition.


Steve said...

wotever: what a laugh, claiming that the Coalition lost because "cliches will only get you so far". I reckon this was the most cliche-ridden Labor campaign we've seen for a long time.

And as far as complaints that the Coalition thinks it is "born to rule", I think the relative grace with which all ministers have conceded defeat indicate quite the contrary.

The problem when Labor loses is that a significant portion of "true believers" consider that they have morality on their side, so a loss is partly a indictment of the poor moral judgement of the voters. The Coalition does not have that baggage, and while they naturally think the electorate has made a mistake, and been conned by some pretty vacuous policy, they don't view the loss in such moral terms, and can accept it with less bitterness.

Spiros said...


Another loser's lament.

hc said...

Some pleasant exchanges here. I think Steve's point is accurate. This election was a triumph of verbiage over substance. Where are those laptops and that educxation revolution?

Spiros, losers can sometimes describe things accurately.

But I think a valid point is made. This should be my last post pointing out that a decline in civilised values that has occurred.

I'll grin and bear it.

via collins said...

If it's any consolation Harry, Gerard Henderson agreed on Insiders yesterday that Australia's 2nd worst ever Defence Minister is the new leader of the Liberal Party.

rog said...

He didnt actually agree, he corrected the assertion by saying that Lance Barnard was the worst.

Notwithstanding the pedantry Nelson has a long way to go and its all uphill

Francis Xavier Holden said...

harry - you've finally convinced me that we should have kept the noble Howard and his united band of cabinet supporters and stopped this unwashed uneducated riff-raff from ruining our next 10 years and perhaps destroying Australia for our children and their children.

If only I could have seen the light two weeks ago.

via collins said...

fair enough rog, i actually thought hendo was being surprisingly gracious about the whole situation. like many, harry aside, he seems to have seen the change coming a long way off.

surely nelson is nothing but a sacrificial lamb?

hc said...

via Collins, I believe Nelson is a sacrificial lamb. He was a poor education minister and is now given the task of rejecting the past, securing weak opinion polls and then being replaced.

The Liberals face a tough time getting their act together over the next few years. Pursuing this it would be foolish to waste quality assets.

via collins said...

Agreed Harry.

I'm sure there are statistics that bring to bear the circumstances affecting opposition leaders elected at "crisis" point for major political parties.

It would be a most uncomfortable few nights sleep one would imagine, with Turnbull and Abbot circling in clear visibility, and Costello still a power broker one assumes.

Oz Atheiest said...

Oh my GOD, Harry When will you learn that the verbage and 'me too' tactics were just that: political tactics by somebody cleverer than that pony-riding Howard!

You just have to face the fact that these people are a lot cleverer than you at politics.

Long live the green pony!!