Sunday, December 09, 2007

Open thread on Christmas

I am now taking some time holidaying in Sydney – I need to recover from my exhausting European travels - and, for the first time in 30 years, am staying in Sydney’s inner west (Summer Hill).

I am looking forward to some surfing at Bondi and some golf in other parts of Sydney - at Bayview and Pennant Hills in particular.

And I have quite a bit of pre-Christmas socialising to do and some good fiction to read.

It is a bit more than two weeks to Christmas. The last lines summarise what it is mainly about for me. What is Christmas about for you?


Anonymous said...

Christmas to me is about going to the beach....

Felt bad that you got no comments.
I voted for you on the club tropo best post comp.

hc said...

Now if I lose I will feel rejected.

But thanks for the thought.

Yeah, the beach is something pretty ingrained. You never lose it - even living in Melbourne. Off to Manly this arvo.

Anonymous said...

Harry, why aren't you at work?