Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tiny laptops

I am interested in pint-sized, cheap laptops such as this Asus Eee PC. At $499 and weighing only 900 grams, it will allow you to surf the web and type a document in OpenOffice. It runs Linux not Windows. It has a negligible harddrive - about 1.5MB of free space - but you can boost storage with a USB. Sounds great for travelling and for younger kids school needs although the touchpad and keyboard sound a bit dinky. A step in the right direction and competition should deliver improved options over the next year or so.

I first read about this at Troppo. This tiny laptop now on sale in Australia at Myers.


FXH said...

I was initially keen but I reckon in many cases a combo phone pda at around $700 with say a folding keyboard for notetaking is a better buy for many people.

These small pcs would make great corporate pcs for portability where most people only want something for a presentation Powerpoint or OO equivelent and bit of note taking and the odd small fiddle with a spreadsheet, plus email and web - thats about all most work pcs get used for.

hc said...

I've got a combo PDA - phone but I reckon they are too complicated.

I think the phone function should be separate - every time I try to make a call I end up taking a movie of my rugged jaw line.

Your last para spot on - all I want to do is make a Powerpoint presentation and get on the web - with some note taking.