Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fuller-figured women are just fatter

Why are women developing larger breasts? Hormones that stem, in part, from taking the pill play some role but the major fact is just that women carry more fat generally and a significant fraction of the breast is fat.

Hat tip to: A Random Walk.


whyisitso said...

Women are just getting older. Older people accumulate more weight. Men are also getting older. They don't have tits, but they do have beer guts that accumulate with age.

Anonymous said...


Which rack do you perfer?

Anonymous said...


hc said...


Most men are programmed to be interested in female breasts. This preference is based on biological productivity issues and is therefore strongest for women in child-raising age groups.

The breasts of older women are still attractive however - 'pert' young breasts are not the only ideal.

I never treat breast size or shape as as major attributes or 'evaluate' women in terms of the dimensions of what you call their 'rack'.

Simon said...

I wouldn't be jumping to too many conclusions on the basis of 3 contemporaneous generations of racks Harry.

Women (and presumably tits) shrink with age.

To be scientific about it we would need nude shots of 3 generations of women all at the same age - say mid 20s would be best. See if you can rustle up some funding for that.